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TOUCH™ Hardside watermattress Filling and Draining Instructions

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TOUCH™  Hardside watermattress Filling and Draining Instructions


o    Using an indoor faucet, unscrew the air-screen from the faucet. Use the white double threaded faucet adapter to adapt the threads of the faucet to the threads of the filling hose. Fill the mattress through valve #1. Valve #2 allows air to escape during filling. Add or drain water to personal preference. Adding water makes the mattress firmer, draining makes it softer.

o    To eliminate air, remove the cap from valve #2 (air release valve). Extend the valve to its full length and guide the air bubbles to the valve. Using a broom handle, slide the trapped air bubbles across the top to the valve. Reapply the cap. Repeat the process again as necessary.

o    CAUTION: We do not recommend the use of a waterbed to anyone that cannot sense hot and cold or cannot move themselves without help.

Draining your waterbed

(use an electric pump if possible)

1.         Unplug your heater before draining the bed.

    1. Leave water mattress flat until completely drained or the wave control system will shift and become damaged.
    2. We recommend the use of an electric pump or a Venturi Siphon Pump available at your local hardware store. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Airtight connections from the drain valve to the pump are needed to remove all the water possible.
    3. Drain the mattress until water stops and the mattress becomes very wrinkled. Beds will drain to within 15 pounds of dry weight with good airtight connections.
    4. Allow some air back into the mattress, remove the drain hose, and replace the plug and the fill cap. This will prevent the wave control system from shifting. Fold the mattress before removing from the bed. If mattress is to be stored for an extended period, add a bottle of Sterling Water Conditioner to the drained bed.
    5. Do not drag your mattress across the floor or carpet.

Optional Drain Valve Assembly

note: Drain valve for use on "S" models only.

Taking Care of Your Water Mattress

    • Wipe up water spills completely. Water trapped between the liner and water mattress can cause mildew and odor.
    • Add 8 oz. bottle of Sterling Water Conditioner when the bed is first filled and every 12 months thereafter. Conditioner neutralizes bacteria, keeps the water fresh, and keeps the vinyl soft. This is the consumers responsiblity. Failure to add Sterling Water Conditioner will void your warranty.
    • Use a mattress pad; it saves energy, provides extra comfort, and protects mattress vinyl from harmful body oils.
    • Should an accidental puncture occur, purchase a repair kit from your dealer.