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Shanghai  Touchome  Co.,Ltd is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and sales. The company was founded in 2001, main products involved in constant temperature water mattress,  heating  system, electronic and electrical appliances, medical equipment, furniture, home furnishing products etc..

The main products of water bed was the designed and debuged after more than ten years, perfect in the act with united strength of dozens of researchers, it breaks through the existing domestic and foreign water bed defects of short service life, poor comfort, security is not high and the appearance of the weak, according to human body engineering principle and the bed body more humanized, smooth lines, classic fashion. It with a touch of Frontier Science and technology ", we enjoy the dynamic world" was originally designed to perfectly fit. Shanghai Touchome continue to the new research results applied to water bed products, the products under the bed always maintain leading position in the industry.

We have a set of perfect international product quality standards, service standards, let you rest assured to enjoy technology to bring you the safe, convenient, comfortable and warm.

"Buy a water bed, choose the T7 Brand", has become the consensus of the customer. Remember: professional waterbed, object creation. 
 T7 water bed, diamond credibility, quality assurance.