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Shanghai couples theme hotel preferred water bed

2013/6/11      view:

As the young people to pursue fashion, experience their release. Shanghai hotels cater to the needs of the young member, introduced a more individual character, vogue, impact on the traditional characteristic of hotel decoration, bed is tasted and appeal. Tianti waterbed with its high quality, is guaranteed to get the favour of many hotels. Such as Home inns, Hanting, ASKJ house, Jinchen boutique hotel , we have custom celestial water mattress meets the needs of their characteristics, introduced water bed room, not only won the higher returns, and meet the demand of the couples experience, and repeat  and word-of-mouth effect are  high.

Tianti waterbed, hotel preferred water bed. "No Tianti, not waterbed" is the mantra of the industry.

Tianti waterbed for you to customize any style you need, any size, any shape of high quality water mattress. For details, please contact our  national customer service telephone: 400-920-5155     021-50256806