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Touch waterbed, SPA new trend

2012/8/1      view:

See SPA, is through the bath soak, then the essential oil massage. While lying in the water mattress, soft and elastic to do SPA, is the new trend of new experience domestic high-end SPA clubs provide. The water bed can provide continuous comfort temperature (cool or Wen Re). At the same time, due to the free flow of water, the beautician massage your body each part of body, the water in the water, will make a wonderful wave massage you on the other side of the body, let the body relax completely, rapid elimination of fatigue, restore
the body's energy, recuperate and build up strength.

A non conventional therapy target European spa world very popular, is to protect the people's physical and mental health, not only eliminate body disease, but also relieves the thought and mental troubles, the best way is to stimulate the body's hormones -- "endorphin".

Studies have shown that the body can produce a substance -- "endorphin", it is the source of human happiness and satisfaction. In order to tension and pressure release of long-term accumulation, there is nothing more than a mild spa better means. Lying in the warm water bed, the body with waves gently rolling for body and mind, into new energy and vitality.

Hot water can help relax your muscles: water flow to the muscle massage and stretching a strengthening effect.

The water slowly flows, release tension and pressure of the body.

The water pressure massage the body, helps blood oxygen, toxins, firm organization.

Warm water promote the pituitary gland begins operation. The pituitary gland in the warm water of the stimulated secretion of endorphins, bring health and happiness for the physical and mental feeling, and relieve pain and fatigue. In the slight shaking celestial water waves and massage, back to the womb, lying state back to the initial yang.

Happiness is so simple -- warm, stretch, not what to think, what all need not think.

TOUCHOME sauna massage unique performance of SPA water mattress:

1 stable structures, a leading international celestial water mattress, smooth and comfortable, no surface water, easy to use. Widely applicable to the sauna bath, SPA spa, massage health club.

The 2 international design concept, advanced ALL-IN-ONE, can be used alone, can also be combined with special heating equipment with constant water temperature adjusting objects, but also through the external heating water pipe of circulating water temperature regulation. Safety, energy saving, comfortable and healthy! (celestial unique
special joint, easy to use)

3, the unique structure of scientific air-side, completely solve the weak, not comfortable,and the hardness of our tianti  water-mattress has large adjusting range ,, general base frame (flat borad) can be placed to use, convenient to oil massage.

Compared with the traditional massage bed ,other sponge and leather bed, our waterbed  advantages:

1, more comfortable, lying in bed, people also have the effect of moving water, water massage; and the sponge cushion is cold and stiff, not enjoy the feeling.

2, the water temperature can be adjusted. Four seasons with warm water, lying above the still water in the pool, think are very comfortable;

3, clean, easy to clean. Water mattress in each customer after use is easy to clean for the next customer service; unlike traditional sponge pad easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, and even infectious skin diseases.

Welcome to SPA brand chain structure consulting cooperation, we will be according to your requirements and the actual site design for you, provide perfect waterbed solution for you, win-win cooperation. Shanghai TOUCHOME, Tel: 021-50256806    13501625180