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Assembly Instructions for 8

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Assembly Instructions for 8" and 6.25" Fill Depth  TOUCH™  Soft-Sided Flotation Bed Systems

  1. Assemble the metal bed frame according to the separate bed frame manufacturer's instructions and attach the headboard and footboard if necessary. Place the bed frame in the exact location you intend for the bed, making sure an electrical outlet is nearby if a heater will be used.
  2. Place the box foundation on the metal bed frame with the white law label at the head of the frame. Install any dust ruffles you may have now.
  3. Unzip and remove the quilted top panel from the cover border. Place the cover border on top of the foundation, white law label at head of bed. Pull the corners of the border down over the foundation corners. This will keep the cover border square and in place while you set up and fill your mattress.
  4. Assemble the foam cavity following the example drawing at the right. Place the longer side rails on top of the bed at the sides and the shorter rails at the head and foot of the bed. Square the sides with the foundation and insure there is equal spacing on all sides of the cavity to the foundation.
  5. If your bed will have a heater, install it at this time. Follow the heater manufacturer's instructions carefully for proper installation. Run the electrical cord and temperature probe down through the holes provided in the white bottom cloth of the cover border.

CAUTION: Do not plug the heater into a power source until the bed is completely assembled and filled with water. Failure to follow this instruction will invalidate your warranty and could cause damage to other components of the bed or personal injury.

CAUTION: Put enough water in your mattress so that you cannot make the top sheet "bottom out". Any contact with the bottom of the bed when sitting or lying on the bed is considered "bottoming out." Bodily contact directly over the surface of the heater pad may cause damage or personal injury.

CAUTION: We do not recommend the use of a waterbed to anyone who cannot sense hot and cold or cannot move themselves without help.

This system has been designed to be used with a waterbed having a rigid support for the heater and water mattress.

  1. Unfold the vinyl liner and place it over the assembled foam cavity, rough side of vinyl showing. Install it over the foam the same way as you would a fitted sheet. Smooth out any wrinkles over the heater pad. Be sure the heater pad is not positioned over the crack between the two box foundations.
  2. Place the water mattress inside the cavity and fit the corners of the mattress to the corners of the foam. Open the fill valve to allow air to enter the mattress. Fill the mattress with water (See diagram on the Filling and Draining Instructions page ). Special hose attachments and faucet adapters are needed for safe and proper filling of the mattress. If you did not receive a fill and drain kit from your retailer, purchase one prior to filling.

Note: Because materials have been compressed for packing, it can take up to 10 days for your new water mattress to reach maximum comfort and support levels. Filling your new mattress with warm water can reduce the time needed for the wave control system to fully expand.

  1. After filling, remove all trapped air bubbles from the water mattress. You can remove air bubbles by holding the valve elevated above the mattress and using a large flat object such as a broom handle to force air bubbles towards and out the elevated valve. Once the air bubbles are removed, cap the water mattress using the plug and threaded cap. Push the valve back into the mattress so that it is flat. Pull the corners of the border cover up around the foam cavity and place the quilted cover over the bed with the zipper pull at the head of the bed.
  2. This completes the assembly process. Plug the heater unit into the wall outlet and enjoy. 

Note: Your bed system cover is designed to work with your flotation mattress. Flotation water mattresses are made to contour to your body, your cover needs to contour and stretch. Body impressions and stretching are not product defects.

Softside Mattress Diagram